Through its mission ministries, Macedonia UMC is putting faith into action and following the example of holy service demonstrated by Christ. In the words of Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, NC Conference of the United Methodist Church: “As servants at the door of faith, we take our place at the edge. We serve at the boundary, experience the flow of grace. We go out and we come in, we give and we receive, we welcome and we encourage. Our hope is to become like Christ who came humbly to us as a little child, who taught us that the last will be first, who rode a donkey into Jerusalem. Jesus embodied the way of God with us, the humble power of self-giving love.”

We invite you to be a part of the mission ministries of our church and to “serve at the door of faith” alongside Macedonia brothers and sisters in Christ. For more information about Macedonia’s mission and service opportunities, contact Susan Kinsey at nkinsey@nc.rr.com.