In a decades-old tradition, we host two BBQ’s a year – typically one in May and the other in late September or early October. These provide significant opportunities for outreach to, and connection with, our Swift Creek community and beyond. They’re also moments of Spirit-filled Christian fellowship, hard work, and laughter, all at the same time. There’s much to do but the whole congregation gets involved in one way or another. Typically, we prepare 1400-1500 plates, offer both pork and chicken, slaw and potato salad, hushpuppies, drinks and complimentary dessert. We serve lunch and supper, dine-in and take-out, and make lunch delivery to local offices. We cook, chop, and season our pork shoulders on-premises early on the morning of the event, and our pork and chicken sauces are hard to beat. A benefit to those who dine in with us is the chance to select from our incredible buffet of homemade desserts! It’s like no other you’ll ever see at a church BBQ.

Proceeds from the events supplement our general budget and missions activities. Advertising goes up about a week beforehand, so watch the streets in the Swift Creek area for signs of our next great BBQ, and come join us for lunch or supper. And if you’d like more information about our church or are interested in attending or worshipping with us, please feel free to talk to any of our members working that day.