Oak City Outreach

June 6, 2020
Oak City Outreach
9:45 am - 1:00 pm

Church Fellowship Hall & Oak City Cares Center (1430 S. Wilmington St.)

We will resume our monthly meal service at the Oak City Cares Center on Saturday, June 6th. Because of the increased safety guidelines that are in place, we will limit the size of our group to 5. The meals will be packaged in To Go plates in the Oak City kitchen and distributed to the individuals on the outside patio area. Due to the group size restrictions it may take longer than our normal 1 hour of serving time to distribute all of the plates. We will need to arrive at the center by 11:30 for a 12:30 service start. Masks will be required.
Please click here for opportunities to help with some of the food items and/or participate.